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Criminal Expungements in Oklahoma

What are the benefits of an expungement?

  • legally & honestly deny that the expunged incident ever occurred

  • increased job and career opprotunities 

  • admittance to higher education

  • remove licensing barriers & improved housing opportunities

  • restore gun rights

What is an Expungement?

Full_Expungement_-_Clean_Slate_Lawyers.png  FULL EXPUNGEMENT

Full Expungements, or Section 18/19 Expungements, erase your criminal arrest, criminal charge, criminal court proceedings and other public criminal records. In fact, once the Full Expungement Order is filed and officially processed, the past criminal incident is deemed never to have occurred. Furthermore, after a successful expungement, a person can legally and truthfully state that the past incident that has been expunged never occurred. It truly is like it never even happened.


Partial expungements in Oklahoma, sometimes also referred to as “991c expungements”, only apply to defendants who have received a deferred sentence. After a successful §991c Expungement, a person’s case record will be removed from both OSCN.net and ODCR.com. Additionally, their OSBI record will state they have been arrested for the offense, but they “plead not guilty and the case was dismissed.” This is in contrast to OSBI records stating the person plead guilty and received a deferred sentence.

Am I eligible for an expungement?

Are you eligible for an expungement? Find out now!

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David saved my son's life!

David came highly recommended by a dear friend of mine and personal colleague of Mr. McKenzie. Hiring David was one of the best decisions I've ever made! David is confident, professional and smart! My only son, was charged with three counts of armed robbery. (Thank god he didnt physically hurt anybody.) Each count punishable with up to life in prison! As a result of Davids legal intervention my son was essentially given a new lease on life. My son will have the opportunity to become a decent and productive member of society. Thank you David!

     Posted by Dwight on Avvo on May 15, 2016 [Read More]

Trusted, capable and compassionate legal counsel

Nobody every plans to get caught holding. Furthermore, I don't need to tell you that it was a huge embarrassment to myself and my family when I did. But I tell you what - That patrol officer threw me in Muskogee County for simple possession of 1/4 oz of Marijuana without hesitation or consideration of the awkward conversations I might be having with potential Clients, Boards, Vendors, and the Government during any potentially forthcoming background investigations. So I decided to do something about it and looked online for a local expungement attorney - and boy am I glad I did!

I was very impressed with the level of professionalism of Riley during the handling of my expungement. He was alway easy to get in touch with and patiently answered any questions that I had about the process. He really made me feel as if he cared about helping me out and getting my records cleaned up.

If you too have made a mistake in the past keep it there. Riley can get it done for you, truly like it never even happened. To anyone looking for an expungement attorney I could not recommend Riley any higher.

     Review Posted by Wes on Feburary 12, 2016 [Read More]

The respected lawyer you want when you need results

David McKenzie represented me in a difficult case in which I needed solid representation and a lot of time put into it right off the bat. It was an usual involvement I had in a criminal matter, and Mr. McKenzie worked efficiently to save me a huge headache and get me out of a tough situation where I was wrongfully accused. Mr. McKenzie not only provided excellent legal guidance and strategy in succeeding in my case, but he also made me feel at ease with his experience and expertise, which allowed me to focus on other priorities in my life, rather than worry about my case. Mr. McKenzie is so well respected in Oklahoma City that my case was disposed of quickly and completely to my satisfaction. He's the kind of lawyer you want when you need results. His connections with other attorneys and judges, and his relationships with prosecutors make him a go-to attorney in Oklahoma. I would recommend him to every friend and family member I know looking for solid representation.

     Anonymous review posted to Avvo on August 30, 2016 [Read More]






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