What is Clean Slate Lawyers?

Clean Slate Lawyers (CSL) is an affiliation of skilled attorneys who are focused on expungement & pardon advocacy and criminal defense. CSL has a passion for helping others move beyond their past criminal record towards a more meaningful future. Our mission is to help you achieve a fresh start with a clean slate by making your past criminal history disappear... like it never even happened.™




Whether you have been recently charged or have been dealing with the handicap of a criminal record for years, we will do everything legally possible to make it like it never even happened. If you currently have a conviction we'll skillfully guide your through the pardon and expungement process. GET STARTED ONLINE




We believe everyone deserves a second chance, because everyone makes mistakes. We genuinely care about your welfare and will do whatever is necessary to help eliminate the consequences associated with a criminal record. Pardons are the first step to a completely clean slate.




Criminal Defense

We take pride in our aggressive & experienced criminal defense attorneys. They are willing to take on tough cases with a commitment to excellent communication & availability for clients. If you have been arrested and/or are facing criminal charges, call us immediately at (405) 448-6770.



Who Does Clean Slate Work With?

Clean Slate Lawyers partners with the most experienced, highest rated attorneys and brings them together with clients who want a clean slate and a fresh start. We can work with you from the time you are charged, through a pardon or expungement, or by advocating on your behalf through other forms of post conviction relief, including but not limited to commutation and parole. 


How Does Clean Slate Lawyers Work?

We believe in honesty, transparency and simplicity. Here's how Clean Slate Lawyers works:

1. Call us at 888-276-3887 or fill out a Get Started form.

2. One of our expert Clean Slate Lawyers will review your case.

3. We will contact you ASAP to discuss your case and eligibility for pardons/expungements.

The Fine Print

We cannot guarantee results, but we always make our best professional efforts for our clients. Information on this website is not intended nor should it be taken as legal advice for your particular case or scenario. The information herein does not create an attorney-client relationship with visitors to this website.

Why Choose Clean Slate Lawyers?

It's our goal to help you achieve a fresh start with a clean slate by making your past criminal history... like it never even happened.™  Here are a few reasons our clients love working with us:

Icon_-_Blue_Checkmark.pngClean Slate attorneys have great ratings & reviews on the lawyer review site, AVVO.

Icon_-_Blue_Checkmark.pngNo surprise fees or expensive hourly rates, only one flat fee for your entire case! 

Icon_-_Blue_Checkmark.pngKnow your case results faster. You'll receive a case timeline, not an endless wait!