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What's the filing fee for an expungement in Oklahoma?

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What's the filing fee for an expungement in Oklahoma?

Database checks are a must these days for more than just law enforcement - from an employee background check to a dating site or school application, it is more important than ever to remove criminal records of that old felony or misdemeanor from years ago.

Clearing your record of silly youthful mistakes through an expungement will make your public record look like the incident never even happened.

Expungements in Oklahoma

Expungements in Oklahoma are a procedure through which you can clear your criminal record which are usually carried out by an Oklahoma City lawyer or specialized expungement attorney. The cost of filing fees in Oklahoma is relatively low, but can vary between counties.

Anyone can tell you that you must pay a filing fee of anywhere from $141.64 to $154.14 for your expungement petition - however, an expungement lawyer may also tell you that you may include more than one criminal case in the same petition - for the same fees!

Expungements in Multiple Counties

This only works within one county, though. If you had criminal cases in more than one county, you will have to file a separate petition for each county - and pay another filing fee. Some counties do not require a fee, although most do.

Depending on where you live, you may save yourself a trip by mailing your petition via certified mail, which will mean an expense in postage (worth it probably for saving you a lot of driving time).

Other Fees Associated with Expungements

Note: The arrest record is separate from the court record, and if you want that cleared you will have to pay OSBI a $150 processing fee. The city of OKC charges a similar $150 fee if OCPD was the arresting agency - some other municipalities require this too, but not many of them.

Entities such as OSBI have the obligation of disclosing all names of people who have had a criminal arrest, charge or conviction, regardless of if they received a pardon or even cases that were successfully appealed.

There is no need to look for shady legal loopholes such as “does changing your name clear your criminal record?” (for the record, it does not.) Instead, consider making a few easy payments and clearing your record of that slip in the past - like it never happened.


Get started on your clean slate by scheduling a consultation online!



Riley W. Mulinix

Written by Riley W. Mulinix

Riley is a member of Mulinix Goerke & Meyer, PLLC, at its Oklahoma City office, but practices all over the State of Oklahoma. He focuses on Expungement & Pardon Advocacy and Criminal Defense, while also effectively assisting clients in Civil Litigation and Business Law matters. He is a member of the Oklahoma Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers & the National College for DUI Defense (NCDD).

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