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What does an OSBI background check show?

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What does an OSBI background check show?

These days it seems like everything requires a background check for criminal records: jobs, housing, higher studies. It would be a huge shame if you were unable to access the jobs or education you want and deserve just because of a silly mistake made years and years ago, wouldn’t it? There’s a way to seal your criminal record and open your options. Read on!

Oklahoma State Background Check

A standard Oklahoma state background check usually includes an OSBI warrant search and/or an OSBI offender lookup. What kind of information will they get after running a criminal record search on OSBI?

OSBI Background Check

The OSBI (Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation) says in their website that they “provide fingerprint-based arrest and/or conviction data for serious misdemeanors and felonies from the State of Oklahoma only.”

There is an aspect of the OSBI criminal record that can be especially damaging to your prospects and future:

The OSBI criminal records are a history of a person’s arrests, not just convictions. The OSBI maintains records of arrest, meaning that even if a person is not convicted, or even if charges are never filed, the record of the arrest can still exist.

This means that even if you were found innocent, the record will remain. It is of the greatest importance to expunge your record from any misdemeanor, felony or VPO… along with any arrest you were cleared from. An attorney can assist you.

There are additional public record searches that may be required by certain job opportunities - for example, you can request a search of the Department of Corrections Sex Offender Database and Violent Offender Database for a fee of $2.00 each.

The OSBI background check office does not provide any driving records (such as traffic tickets), nor property searches.

Seal Your Criminal Record

There are good news - Oklahoma background check laws state that after an expungement, any arrest or conviction will vanish from your record as if it had never happened (even some felony convictions if you first receive a pardon too!).

Even a partial expungement will make your OSBI OKC records look better and improve your employment chances. While your arrest record will still be there, the court disposition will now state "plead not guilty, case dismissed." Consult with an expungement lawyer to clear your OSBI record and get better opportunities immediately.

Are you eligible for an expungement? Find out now!


Riley W. Mulinix

Written by Riley W. Mulinix

Riley is a member of Mulinix Goerke & Meyer, PLLC, at its Oklahoma City office, but practices all over the State of Oklahoma. He focuses on Expungement & Pardon Advocacy and Criminal Defense, while also effectively assisting clients in Civil Litigation and Business Law matters. He is a member of the Oklahoma Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers & the National College for DUI Defense (NCDD).

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