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Oklahoma Expungement Law Changes

The Oklahoma Expungement statute changed recently as Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin signed House Bill 2397 into law last year, which went into […]

Can you get pardoned for a felony in Oklahoma?

It is possible to qualify for a pardon in Oklahoma if you have been convicted of a felony.

A lot of hard work goes into improving your life after […]

3 Things You Should Know Before You Get a Pardon in Oklahoma

If you have a criminal conviction in Oklahoma, is it worth the time, effort, and money to get a pardon?


What’s Required at a Pardon Hearing?

If you have been convicted of a crime in Oklahoma, you may qualify to apply for a pardon. A pardon can give you back rights you have lost due to […]

Step by Step: How the Pardon Process in Oklahoma Works

If you have a criminal record in Oklahoma, you may qualify to apply for a pardon.

While a pardon does not erase your criminal record, it will […]

How Can an Oklahoma Pardon Lawyer Help You Clear Your Criminal Record

If you have a criminal record in Oklahoma, there are many reasons to want to clear it. Until you receive a pardon or expungement, you may not have […]

What Are The Top Seven Benefits of a Pardon?

One of the best ways for convicted felons to regain their rights and lift the stigma associated with their criminal past is to receive a pardon. […]

5 Reasons Why Governor Fallin Needs to Sign A New Expungement Bill Into Law

House Bill 2397 would make some tremendous changes to Oklahoma’s Expungement Law. It was sent to Governor Fallin on May 26, 2016, but has not been […]

How can you get a pardon in Oklahoma?

Being granted a Pardon goes a long way in being able to secure a good job; if the State is willing to forgive someone for their past […]

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