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Can You Get A DUI On Private Property?

A few years ago you could not be charged with an Oklahoma DUI while on private property, but this law has since changed.

How Attending AA Meetings in OKC Can Help Your Expungement

With more employers and leasing companies performing background checks, having a prior Oklahoma felony or misdemeanor on your record - even a […]

Is a DUI a Felony in Oklahoma?

Are you wondering if a DUI or DWI is a felony in Oklahoma? Here's the short answer: in the state of Oklahoma, DUI (driving under the influence) […]

Your Oklahoma DUI & Suspended License Could be Invalid!

A recent decision by the Oklahoma Supreme Court can have a serious impact on your case if you have an open or pending Oklahoma DUI and/or driver's […]

What is the difference between a Deferred Sentence, Suspended Sentence and Conviction?

Most people do not realize that a suspended sentence is a conviction…the jail/prison time is merely suspended with the assumption that you will […]

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