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Do I Have to Expunge Each One Of My Multiple Arrests Separately?

If you have a criminal record then you are aware of the stigma that accompanies an interaction with the criminal justice system. You already know […]

What Are The Top Seven Benefits of a Pardon?

One of the best ways for convicted felons to regain their rights and lift the stigma associated with their criminal past is to receive a pardon. […]

How Much Does an Expungement Cost... and Why is it Worth It?

The job market is tough nowadays, and a job hunt becomes a nightmare if you’re one of the over 65 million US citizens with a felony on their […]

What's the filing fee for an expungement in Oklahoma?

Database checks are a must these days for more than just law enforcement - from an employee background check to a dating site or school […]

6 Things You Didn't Know About Expungements

Everybody is talking about getting a criminal record expungement, because clearing your criminal record of a felony, misdemeanor (whether the […]

What does an OSBI background check show?

These days it seems like everything requires a background check for criminal records: jobs, housing, higher studies. It would be a huge shame if […]

Gun Rights: Why You Need to Get That Protective Order Expunged

It is common knowledge that Oklahoma gun rights don’t allow anyone with certain misdemeanor or an Oklahoma felony conviction to own or carry guns. […]

What Are the Requirements for an Expungement in Oklahoma?

An expungement can change your life for the better, making your criminal record disappear and giving you access to many work and housing […]

The Economics of Life with a Criminal Record v. Without a Criminal Record

Many of us sowed wild oats in our youth, and for some that meant lasting consequences in the shape of a criminal record that will not go away. An […]

10 Major Benefits of Expunging your Criminal Record

 If you have ever made a mistake in your past that ended in arrest and criminal charges, you probably wonder frequently: how do you get your […]

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