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Do I Have to Expunge Each One Of My Multiple Arrests Separately?

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Do I Have to Expunge Each One Of My Multiple Arrests Separately?

If you have a criminal record then you are aware of the stigma that accompanies an interaction with the criminal justice system. You already know this stigma affects every aspect of your life; when you seek employment, establish relationships, and when you attempt to rent. Even educational opportunities and the ability to obtain a professional license can be difficult.

The stigma of having a criminal record will follow you your whole life, but have you ever thought about expunging your record?

In Oklahoma, an expungement will seal your court record or your arrest record as long as you qualify under Oklahoma Statute Title 22 Sections 18 & 19 or Section 991(c).  

If I Have Multiple Arrests, Do I Have to Expunge Each One Separately?

It depends. If you have multiple arrests in the same county you can list all of those on one Petition for Expungement.

However, if your multiple arrests occur in different counties you must file a petition for each county that you were arrested in.

Just remember that all arrests, charges, and convictions must be listed so that your petition is accurate.

Filing for an Expungement

Filing for expungement is an extensive process, especially if you have more than one case you want sealed. There is no template or specified form for the petition and no readily available resources to help you determine who needs to be served the petition(s).

Self-Service Expungement

If you choose to do this on your own, expect to be interacting with a government lawyer, which can prove to be difficult. The preparation of the paperwork required to file the petition and associated paperwork will need to meet the specifications of all parties involved.

Oklahoma Expungement Lawyer

If you do not have experience in expungements then you will be unaware of those specifications. The best and wisest choice is to find a lawyer who is experienced in expungements and who also is familiar with the parties involved in the process.

When you use an Okahoma expungement lawyer who has solid working relationships with the government and their lawyers, you are already one step ahead. If you would like to explore your options, then consider Clean Slate Lawyers. We are experienced and can help you gain your expungement quickly (30 - 60 days), smoothly and get you back to a fresh start.


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Riley W. Mulinix

Written by Riley W. Mulinix

Riley is a member of Mulinix Goerke & Meyer, PLLC, at its Oklahoma City office, but practices all over the State of Oklahoma. He focuses on Expungement & Pardon Advocacy and Criminal Defense, while also effectively assisting clients in Civil Litigation and Business Law matters. He is a member of the Oklahoma Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers & the National College for DUI Defense (NCDD).

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