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10 Major Benefits of Expunging your Criminal Record

 If you have ever made a mistake in your past that ended in arrest and criminal charges, you probably wonder frequently: how do you get your […]

Can You Get A DUI On Private Property?

A few years ago you could not be charged with an Oklahoma DUI while on private property, but this law has since changed.

What can people see on my public record?

A criminal record, be it a misdemeanor or felony, will follow you around long after you’ve repaid your debt to society. More employers and […]

What is a VPO? Can you get victim protective orders expunged?

In the eyes of many, including prospective employers, landlords, even those with whom you have personal relationships, the existence of a victim […]

Is the cost to expunge my criminal record worth it?

Having a criminal record in an Oklahoma county, especially after you have turned your life around and repaid your debt to society, can seriously […]

How Attending AA Meetings in OKC Can Help Your Expungement

With more employers and leasing companies performing background checks, having a prior Oklahoma felony or misdemeanor on your record - even a […]

Will Legally Changing your Name Clear Your Record?

You may wonder if a name change is the solution to that criminal record that is hindering your job search or gun license. But is it really? State […]

Is a DUI a Felony in Oklahoma?

Are you wondering if a DUI or DWI is a felony in Oklahoma? Here's the short answer: in the state of Oklahoma, DUI (driving under the influence) […]

How Can I Check What's On My Oklahoma Criminal Record?

Criminal records follow people around, often long after they’ve repaid their debt to society. Many employers and renters automatically disqualify […]

How To Get Your Gun Rights Back in Oklahoma

Oklahoma gun rights are fairly straightforward: concealed carry application laws and Oklahoma hunting licenses are mostly just a matter of […]

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